Let us take the holiday pictures

Welcome to your photographer


You have found your photographer.

When we take the pictures, everyone is in the picture.

We follow you on your adventure and take pictures.
When you come home, you have received an email from us, with pictures where everyone is in the picture.

We want to go with you on an adventure,
So when you are on vacation or planning an excursion please contact us.

Airbnb will soon make this possible in their business, even in Sweden but who wants to wait?
No, we start now.

For you, who are thinking about experience photography.


We are happy to follow you on an experience to a place near us.
But just getting photographed is also an experience and can also be done in our studio.

About photography and expectations

Vacation Photos
  • We are in Bengtsfors / Dalsland, and have been doing it for over 20 years. In our company's house is not only the photographer but also Photoever and PhotoeverHome we have several websites both about photography in studio and as a wedding photographer.
  • When you want to make an experience of photography, there are many places in our surroundings.
  • When you hire us, we follow and document and take portrait pictures. You will get pictures that you all join and where you come to your best.
Everyone can afford
  • Dress: Often it's best with what you wear, think about not wearing colorful clothes or eye catching text.
  • Are you several, you can try to match clothes with each other to get a harmony.
  • Is your experience photographing with a motorcycle then you know best, or do you go out and walk you are sure to wear clothes.
  • An experience of photography can be so much and there are almost no limits.

Some pictures from experiences

Just being photographed by a professional photographer is an experience.

  • En fisketur är mer än att fiska.

    Rock carvings

    About 30 minutes from Bengtsfors there is a large
    area with rock carvings.
    It is also a nature reserve and a great place.

  • Ta med en upplevelsefotograf på en härlig vårpromenad

    In the studio

    We have a photo studio where we photograph you. The apartment is in the same house as we rent to tourists, and have our photo company. PhotoeverHome.

  • Det finns något som kallas Motophoto / Motophoto.se

    She is not in the picture

    Do you have pictures from the holiday? Was it you who took the pictures? Then you are not in the picture when you look and remember. - That's why we want to help.

  • A fishing trip is more than fishing.


    Is your adventure going on a lake and fishing?
    Let us come along and create amazing pictures Maybe you get a fish on the hook!

  • Bring an experience photographer on a wonderful spring walk

    The nature

    Are you planning to take a lovely spring walk?
    Let dad be in the picture!
    Hiring a photographer has several values.

  • There is something called Motophoto / Motophoto.se

    On Route

    Going out on a weekend or on vacation? You may have a motorcycle or a special car. If you contact us then we can accompany and take amazing pictures.


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